Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinterest - African American Quilt Books & Catalogs

Hello - Have you "pinned" on Pinterest yet?  I recently went overboard and created a board featuring African American quilting books and catalogs. I went as far back as Roland Freeman's "Something to Keep Me Warm" from 1981.

Have you or your guild published an exhibit catalog? I'd LOVE to include it in this board. There is some fantastic work - have a look:



Diana said...

Kyra, I love your selection of books on your boards. Some of them I have never seen. How exciting! I pinned several and plan to go back and pin more.

Diana Bracy

Kyra said...

Diana - Thanks for your note! Glad you're enjoying the list. I'm about to start a list of quilting Children's picture books.

Unknown said...

Hi Kyra -- I appreciate you for taking time to share your various images on Pinterest. I've learned alot by following your updated images over the past few weeks.

Unknown said...

Good evening Kyra I am "VERY" new to blogging, we have to blog for my English Writing class, I chose Quiting because Quilts tell a story just like writers.