Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hear an Interview about the African-American Quilt Guild of Baltimore, Maryland

If you have a moment, have a listen to this 6 minute podcast interview with Sistah Quilter Barbara Pietila. The podcast is on the Black Art Depot Today website. And, I have to say, it's WONDERFUL to hear Barbara's warm, inviting voice as she speaks about the African American Quilters of Baltimore, AAQB.

Quick personal story. When I moved to Virginia, I met a couple of local quilters. Barbara was among the first. What fun to visit her home and studio. We sat and talked in her back yard garden, where she was growing COTTON and sipped iced tea. I grew up in Los Angeles and had not ever seen real, raw cotton before Barbara placed a fully boll in my hand. Enjoy the podcast!


Kyra said...

Glad you both enjoyed the interview! I've been to an AAQG function - and they rock!

Laura Begay - Split-Site PhD said...

I love it! It’s totally informative and I learned from it actually! Wow, you surely have a history together and your path was destined to meet, don’t you think? Anyway guys, keep up the camaraderie and good work! Hope to see your works soon! Have a nice day and God bless!

from Chandra Giles at Split-Site PhD

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