Thursday, October 16, 2014

Have you met Roy Mitchell Jr., the Watermelun Babies quilter?

Roy Mitchell Jr. - Photo Q.S.O.S.

Roy Mitchell, Jr. is a Virginia quilter, who recently presented at the Flint (MI) African American Quilters Guild celebration in September 2014.

Mitchell, a collector of African American memorabilia, is pictured here with his Watermelun Babies quilt he stitched.

In 2008, the Quilt Alliance's Save Our Stories project interviewed him. It's a fascinating read - including how his father and teenage son now also quilt!

Mitchell teaches a popular course in quiltmaking at the Culpeper (VA) Juvenile Correctional Center - and ensures another generation learns the joy of quilting!  Enjoy!


Livin' Blue Quilter said...

Kyra, thanks for sharing this information. I have never met him. As a Virginia quilter, I love reading about other quilters in our area. I need to make a point of locating him and maybe inviting him to a guild meeting or something. Thanks again,

Unknown said...

nice quilts.

Unknown said...

Would love to see his work and visit his class.