Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New book! Quilters Questions: A Book of Curious Queries. What's YOUR favorite question?

Quilters Questions: A Book of Curious Queries
What's YOUR favorite question?
How about a different kind of quilting fun? Just published is Quilters Questions: A Book of Curious Queries.

I hope you enjoy this newest book!  Quilters Questions is perfect for quilters of any age or skill level.  You can explore topics ranging from quilter identity, creative inspiration, collaboration, exhibiting, fabrics, your quilting legacy, sex and quilts (yes :>) and more!

Quilters Questions includes 300+ open-ended questions. This engaging read provides hours of fun and conversation. And is great for you to answer on your own - or as a guild activity. With the holidays approaching, it's a great gift idea or stocking stuff for any quilter.

What kind of curious questions can you expect?
  • Would you accept $25,000 to stop quilting forever? What if the offer was only $2,000?
  • Would you consider sewing a hidden mini camera into a quilt to monitor someone? Why or why not?
I had a BALL working on this book and hope you enjoy it and share with a quilting friend!    Best, Kyra

Quilters Questions: A Book of Curious Queries
Black Threads Press
126 pages, $9.95
ISBN: 0-9824796-4-6


PatSloan said...

I just got your book!! Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me.. it's so fun!

Bquiltin said...

Glad I peeked in on your newest book!

Virginia Rothwell said...

I received your book "Quilters Questions" for Christmas and have a query about copyright. I would like to "throw out" a question at a guild meeting for discussion by members on their way home, with your permission, and acknowledging the source.

Unknown said...

Ms Rothwell - thank you for your note. Hope you enjoy sharing the questions with your guild and quilting friends! Best, Kyra