Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Maya Angelou Quilts

Maya Angelou received a 2006 Quill Award last night for her poem, Amazing Peace. Being curious about quilts, I looked around cyberspace to see if there's any connections between Dr. Angelou and quilting. I LOVE the Phenomenal Woman paper doll quilt by Rebekka Seigel (2004)! Do check out Seigel's site, She teaches, lectures, and holds workshops. She also teaches quilting to kids and includes lesson plans on her site.

Another Phenomenal Woman quilt is by quilter Stacy West, who specializes in portrait quilts.

Then, finally, the portrait quilt titled The Quilt of Life, was a 65th birthday gift to Dr. Angelou from Oprah Winfrey... and made by Faith Ringgold (who just celebrated her 76th birthday Oct 8!)

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