Friday, November 10, 2006

Harlem Toile de Jouy

Did you catch the Post article about Designer Sheila Bridges, interior designer for President Bill Clinton's NY offices, and the introduction of her Harlem Toile de Jouy sheets and wallpaper?

I wish there were bolts of the Harlem Toile de Jouy designs available as just cotton fabrics .... suitably appropriate for quilting!

What do you think of this toile design? Would you like to see more? Would you quilt with it? Do share with us!


Anonymous said...

I would certainly buy some of the Harlem toile. Think we can get Sheila to produce it in cotton weight for quilters?

Bertha Mallard

Kyra said...


I agree - I would love to use the Harlem toile in a quilt!


Karoda said...

I wouldn't object to having a fat quarter or two in my stash, but for home decor, I think it is a bit much to the point of sadness to have "satirical images through the distorted lens of the media" covering my walls/windows day in and day out...would only want a pillow at best.

Elle said...

I'm just discoverign your blog Kyra, LOL! I saw this in the Post too. I felt the same way as Karoda about the satire. I'd want it, but in a small quantity as well.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I saw a sample of the wallpaper and it is awesome. I would love to have some fabric in this design for a garment. I even checked out the wallpaper. Unfortunately the wallpaper is very expensive. I was so ready to redo a room wall until I got a cost of the rolls. But I must say she did a fine job with the designs. They are really cool and I bet you probably would want at least 5 pillows.

honeychild / the mixtress said...

ditto the thoughts re: the intensity of the pattern and the idea of it being a bit much for wall-to-wall treatment. i'd love it in a little a-line skirt; i'm not averse to the odd satirical statement as wardrobe accent. for home decor, i'd probably get one king sized sheet, and make a bunch of pillows or pillow shams lined in muslin to give as gifts.

p.s. just finding this blog. quilt on, sisters! ;o)