Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Michael Cummings - Satin Doll

One of the VERY first story quilts I ever saw was Michael Cummings' "Grandma's Porch" years, and years ago at the California African American Museum. This queen-size quilt showed his grandmother waving from her front porch. You could even see a Spirit peeking out the screened front door. And, there was a chicken on the roof. I so wanted to touch the quilt and wave back to Grandma. Michael made the cloth rock!

I acted a complete fool when finally meeting Michael in person when he came to speak to the creative staff at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. I got to speak to him. It was like meeting a rock star! There was a display in the corporate waiting area of Michael's quilts AND collage paintings. I studied those pieces over and over during the course of the exhibit. What imagination he has.

I learned from Michael the power of creating quilt series. Do get a chance to visit his new website at
The quilt image here today is one of Michael's quilts - Satin Doll. 85" x 85". Fabrics include cottons, satin, silk, rayon, textile paint, photo transfer and African prints...machine sewn and constructed using the applique method. I love his homage to his favorite female jazz singers and great Harlem jazz clubs of old, see the names in the borders?

Michael - Happy Birthday!


Fruit Jar Nicky said...

Mr. Cummings work is stunning. You are lucky to have met him. Thanks for sharing!

Mom said...

My favorite one of his is still Aunt Clara's Garden...I think that's the title. The first time I saw it, it was hanging at the top of the stairs at an exhibit in Charleston. As I was coming up the stairs, I saw a woman standing at the top of the stairs. When I reach the landing I realized it was a quilt. Aunt Clara was almost as tall as I!!!

Elle said...

He's the man! Great pieces! I got to see one for the first time in person here at the Smithsonian for the In the Spirit of the Cloth exhibit.