Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Clarindia is Making 100 Quilts!

Southern quilter and founding member of the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild in Atlanta, Clarindia, has set out to make 100 African Canvas Memory Quilts. She's up to number 53! I love this new twist to making a series of quilts. Many of her quilts are available for sale.

Visit Clarindia other blog, O.V. Brantley Studio, to learn about her annual Fulton County Attorneys office signature quilt, see the Delta Sigma Theta quilt, and Evora's Earth quilt, which honors my mother Evora Hicks. (On a side note, I gotta find out of Clarindia and I are related - we have family from AR, too!)

Best wishes on the next 47 quilts, Clarindia!

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