Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rachel D. K. Clark - Coats!

Finally it's getting COLD here in the DC area. If I could sew clothes, I'd make one of Rachel Clark's coats, like this mud-cloth one, for the winter! You can see her coats, vests, and fabric purses on her website and order patterns to make yourself. Visually so exciting! Go, Rachel!


Nik said...

Knowing this site exists is a breath of fresh air.
I've recently been obsessed with trying to find information about black crafters. I'm really interested in the stories behind quilts, pottery, etc. I will visit you regularly. :D

Kyra said...


Thanks for dropping by! You mentioned black crafters - have you vitisted the sistah crafters in Canada?

Enjoy! Kyra

DebVA said...

That mud cloth coat has always been a favorite of mine. Thanks for the link to the pattern - it just might get made in the new year.