Monday, May 28, 2007

Keisha Roberts - Nearness of You catalog

Were you able to see Nearness of You, the exhibit Keisha Roberts curated in 2006 at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival or the Quilt Fest of New Jersey?

The exhibit was filled with quilted pieces that evoked both personal and familial memories from diverse cultural and religious viewpoints. Quilters included in the show were: Karimah Abdusamad, Lauren A. Austin, Mary Beth Bellah, Tristan Robin Blakeman, Lisa Chipetine, Marion Coleman, Patricia C. Dolan, Michele David, MD, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Marjorie Diggs Freeman, Marguerite Jay Gignoux, Valor H. Mack, Lyric Montgomery Kinard, Ed Johnetta Miller, Winifred Sanders, Selena Sullivan, Candace Thomas, Lori Weiss, Amy Stewart Winsor, Sherri Wood, Sabrina Zarco and several others!
Keisha has generously posted the link to the 69-page, four-color catalog on her website. Enjoy!

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