Friday, July 25, 2008

Judge in Gee's Bend Cases Grants One Final Extension

Yesterday counsel in the three cases of Annie Mae Young, Loretta Pettway, and Lucinda Pettway Franklin each vs. Tinwood Ventures, et al had a conference call with the Court yesterday.

According to the order signed by United States Magistrate Judge Bert W. Milling, Jr., the Court has "granted the parties one final extension (the Court's emphasis, not mine!) in each of these actions." Judge Milling has given the parties until 2pm on August 1, 2008 to report "on their efforts toward a global settlement or resolution of all three actions."

I'm going to assume it's a typo, but the date about judge's name on the online version of the order says June 24, 2008. The date of the filing is July 24, 2008 - and the Court had previously ordered the parties to get back to him by July 24.

This case has been in the Court system for just over a year now. Let's see what happens in just one more week.... August 1. What do you think? Will the three cases be settled or will they go to a jury?


Big Mama said...

My first reaction on reading the post was, "WHAT is taking so long?"
It looks as though the situation is not cut and dry. My prediction would be that it will go to trial.

Anonymous said...


I think there will be a settlement, and while that would probably be a satisfactory outcome for the quilters in these actions, it would likely be accompanied by a requirement forbidding them to disclose the amount of the settlement. I don't think this would be beneficial to the many other quilters of Gee's Bend. I hope I'm wrong and that your mom is right, a trial will get everything out in the open.