Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fenimore Art Museum - Through the Eyes of Others

Cooperstown, NY is not just for baseball! On exhibit at the Fenimore Art Museum is "Through the Eyes of Others: African Americans and Identity in American Art" from August 23 - December 31, 2008. Dr. Gretchen Sullivan Sorin curated.

This show, according to museum materials, "offers insights into the ways that Americans in the past viewed one another; how artistic representations of black people created and reinforced popular attitudes; and how these attitudes continue to affect us today. This is not simply a story for African Americans, but for all of us, because the issues represented in this exhibition—identity, self-portrayal, survival, resistance, and stereotyping—are issues that relate to each individual who has ever wondered about their own identity and to every group that has entered this country."

On a personal note - one of my quilts - Black Barbie - is included in this exhibit. It is the only quilt in the show. I have to admit I was FLOORED when I learned the other week who the other artists are in this mixed-media show are: William Sidney Mount, Thomas Cole, Romare Bearden, Betye Saar, Norman Rockwell, Elizabeth Catlett, and Jacob Lawrence, to name just a few. There is a 72 page catalog for this show. I'll post info on how to purchase it when its available. If you're in the Cooperstown area, do visit the show! Enjoy!


Sonji Hunt said...

Big time, Baby!!! Congratulations

Anonymous said...

As Chief Curator of the Fenimore Art Museum, I am very happy to have your work on display. It looks wonderful along with the other artists you mention. No need to be floored; you are very much in their league. Thank you so much for lending the quilt!

Christine Thresh said...

You and the greats! Wow.
How can we see "Black Barbie"? Have you posted it on your blog in the past?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyra - I saw your quilt in this exhibit, and it's among my most favorite (if not my favorite!) piece in the exhibition. Thanks for loaning it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyra,
Just wanted to let you know that their is a short video on You Tube about eyes
Gretchen would so love it if you could post it!
Best John