Monday, September 15, 2008

Nubian Heritage Quilters Guild

Would you like to see photo from the Nubian Heritage Quilters Guild's exhibit, "Quilts from the Soul"? This show took place back in January 2008 at the Crane House Museum in Montclair. I just stumbled upon an extensive online article - including half-dozen photos of quilts and quilters from the show. To the right is Monick David of Montclair who was preparing for the show (Photo by Jim Wright for the NJ Star-Ledger).

Other Sistah quilters photographed or quoted in the article include
Glendora Simonson, a quilter from East Orange, NJ, Barbara Imes Jorden, a co-founder of the Ebony Rainbow Quilters Guild in Gloucester County with her sister, Jacqueline Imes Jenkins, and Karen Jack of South Orange, president of the Nubian Heritage Quilters Guild. Enjoy!


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