Saturday, September 06, 2008

Only Patches That Make a Quilt - Obama Song

Just had to share this YouTube posted video titled "Only Patches That Make a Quilt." It's a nice tune! It's a song that encourages all people to work together - and support Senator Obama's bid for the Presidency. The singer's name is unknown. October Update! Hollis Sumo, the singer in this video contacted me. She's from Oklahoma. Do listen to the video - there's +400 views! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Interesting song ... surprised that the artist didn't take credit by name. I recall that Jesse Jackson had a great speech at one of the DemConventions in the past with this concept of patches making up the quilt ... it was his way to describe the diversity of the Democratic Party.

Thanx for sharing...

Kyra said...


Yes, it is an interesting song - I like the ties (no pun intended) to quilting.

I hope we can learn who the singer is - and if she's a quilter.

Best, Kyra