Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lucy Craft Laney Museum - Augusta GA quilt exhibit

If you are in the Augusta, GA area, do stop by the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History for it's African-American Quilt Exhibition. The annual show includes antique quilts from the museum's collection, local and guest quilters. Included are quilts made by Pollie Stevenson of Island, NY, Vivian Smith of Augusta, Barbara Golden of Morven, GA, and works from the Tabernacle Baptist Church of Augusta, GA and Beulah Grove Baptist Church of Augusta. The admissions to the exhibit is $5 for adults, less for seniors and children. The exhibition is open Oct 1 - Nov 30, 2008.

The public is invited to attend the Opening Reception on Sunday, Oct 5 from 3pm - 5pm. Read more about the exhibit in this Augusta Chronicle article. The photo here by staff photographer
Kendrick Brinson. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

WOw! What beautiful quilts. I didn't know that this event happened in Augusta. I attended Paine College in Augusta. Good to know for the next time I'm stopping through there.

Happy crafting!

Linda C. said...

You certainly do a great job of publicity for many events. I'm embarassed to say that I've lost your address . . . or filed it so well that I can't find it . . . same thing, I guess. I want to put your hand-knit socks in the mail! Also, did you receive the candidate blocks from Sossity? We thank you again for your generosity in permitting us to use the patterns for our Retreat. It was a great success, and everyone was quite surprised at the timeliness of the patterns! Several were aware of your book about the gift quilt to Queen Victoria, and we all encouraged the purchase of it!

Thank you again!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have a very informative blog, I really enjoy reading your news and all of the wonderful museums and places of interest that you mention. I will be sure to try to check out some of these places when we travel when (hopefully) we will visit in the east. Karen