Thursday, April 02, 2009

Michelle Obama, Alice Frazier, and Martha Ann Ricks - 3 Black Women who Touched Royalty

I've enjoyed reading and watching news of First Lady Michelle Obama's time in London. I laughed when I heard she touched Queen Elizabeth II. Mrs. Obama appears to be one of three Black women who touched British Royalty. Who are the three?

1. First Lady Michelle Obama - April 1, 2009 at Buckingham Palace (Photo Daniel Hambury, Associated Press). See London's Daily Mail article.

2. Alice Frazier - May 15, 1991 in the Washington DC home of Mrs. Frazier. Accompanying the Queen were then HUD Secretary Jack Kemp and First Lady Barbara Bush.

3. Martha Ann Ricks - July 16, 1892 at Windsor Castle. Queen Victoria's Liberian Visitor(according to portrait the National Portrait Gallery) finally met the queen after 50 years of saving pennies to afford the trip from her home to England. Martha Ricks, so overcome about seeing the queen in person, she took the queen's hand and kept shaking it! Queen Victoria, the newspapers later reported, was very gracious! Enjoy!

P.S. There is one other Black woman who I strongly suspect also hugged a Queen of England. Who? Queen Victoria's adopted god-daughter, Sarah Forbes Bonetta (Sarah Davies). Have you ever heard or read about Sarah?


Karoda said...

Kyra, I just need to say how much I appreciate this blog!!! Do you know anything of Bonneta's descendents or particulars of how she became the god-daughter?

Kyra said...

Hey Karoda,

If I remember the story correctly, a British Naval Officer was involved. He may have been given the girl as a gift for the Queen. It's been several years ago now - but Walter Dean Myers book about her is a great reference. It's a children's book, but I remember very full of facts.

Best, Kyra

Denise said...

Kyra, Thank you for the wonderful information about two other black women who made histry through contact with royality. I enjoy learning new things.

Bquiltin said...

Yes, Yes, Yes... so wonderful and exciting to read your blog...Missed a few weeks, turned in months... GEESH,,, never again.. a loyal follower