Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Have you created your own fabrics?

Have you tried to create your own fabrics? You create the design, upload it, and then you can order your own fabric! I haven't yet tried it - but it seems like fun.

I don't think you're able to order other folks fabric designs, but it is sure fun to look! One of my FAVORITE designers is Nalo Hopkinson from Canada. Sistah designer created this Colored Lady from New Orleans print and this Seaworthy print. Click here to see the Paper Doll design. Or, click here to see Nalo's Creole Print. And, finally, click here for her Honeybun print featuring a little boy.

Don't you just want to incorporate her designs into a quilt?! Which one do you enjoy the most? Enjoy!


Cherie said...

Thanks for the links to Nalo's prints. I clicked over to her blog and she's a writer but perhaps she should add designer as well!

Kyra said...

Cherie - I agree - she's a marvelous designer! Kyra

Mrs Button said...

this sounds brilliant - i wonder how much it costs? i love your blog and will come back to visit often :o)

Sarah said...

Thanks for this reminder about spoonflower! So neat, I'm definitely going to have to try it out. I think it's pretty affordable too..

yasmintoo said...

I use Spoonflower to have my surface design textiles digitally printed. Spoonflower is a little overwhelmed by their success at the moment and delivery takes longer than I would like. KarmaKraft, Fabric on Demand and Eye Candey are other on line digital print houses. You can follow the process from basic design to finished fabric on Good to see you online.

KKITY said...

Love the blog!!!
I met Nalo on Spoonflower and have shared my fabrics with African American and African themes with her. I would love some feedback from your blog about my fabrics.-thanks, KKITWANA