Monday, November 09, 2009

Amazing Wonders: Quilts by African Americans of the Northern California Region

Do take an hour to visit 40 Acres Art Gallery in Sacramento, CA to see "Amazing Wonders: Quilts by African-Americans of the Northern California Region." The exhibit features over 30 quilts by artists living and working in the region. Accompanying the exhibit will be a 32-page softbound catalog (shown here. This quilt on the cover is by Marion Coleman).

Quilters include: Patricia Bass Bailey, Elizabeth Browder, Blanche Brown, Sherry Byrd, Alice Calhoun, Loretta Cohen, Marion Coleman, Jamie Gladney-Presley, Marilyn Handis, Sarah Holloway and Mother Minne Williamson, Connie Horne, Benita Jones, Niambi Kee, Marilyn Lacey, Debbie Mason, Patricia A. Montgomery, Ann Seals, Nerlene Taylor, Angie Tobias, La Quita Tummings, Julia Vitero, Dolores Vitero Presley, Johnnie Wade, and Katie Wishom. Kim Curry-Evans is the curator. The exhibit is from October 13 to December 23, 2009. A California friend sent me the catalog as a gift. If you collect African American quilt books and catalog, be sure to call the gallery to see how to get this one for your collection! It's worth it! Enjoy!

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