Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quilt for Louisville KY Police Chief Robert White

Reporter Rachel Platt of Channel 11 News in Louisville, KY recently interviewed Police Chief Robert White about his tenure as the city's top cop. I was more amazed to see the quilt his wife, Sistah Quilter Valerie White, stitched when her husband became the chief in Greensboro, North Carolina. Enjoy!


Karoda said...

You're all up in the Ville! :)

Kyra said...

Hey Sister! I'd love to meet her and see more of her Louisville quilts!

Best, Kyra

Anonymous said...

Dear Kyra,
I'm a regular visitor to your blog site and was pleasantly suprised to see the post regarding my husband and I in Louisville Kentucky.We would like to thank you for including "our" story on your wonderful blog site. It is a honor!
A year or so ago you did a presentation at the Speed Museum, the weather was bad that weekend,and I was unable to attend.I was looking forward to meeting you. Hopefully our paths will cross again.
Your success has been an inspiration to all of us in the quilt world.We are proud of all of your accomplisments.
I invite you to visit my web site to see more of my work.
Again thank you for your support.
Regards from the Ville.
Valerie C. White