Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stories That Cover US - Guild Publishes Own Catalog

When you can, do add yo your library "Stories That Cover Us: Meditations and Fiber Art by the Pacific Northwest African American Quilters" by Lynne K. Varner-Hollie and Deborah Boone. Edited by Gwen Maxwell-Williams. Foreword by Rachel Clark. This book is available on Blurb.com. This is the website that allows you to create your own book!

This coffee-table, gorgeous full-color catalog is 75 pages and includes quilts and short biographical sketches from sistah quilters including: Patricia Batiste-Brown, Deborah Boone, Carol Flanagan-Frank, Iris Franklin, Lynnette Gallon-Harrell, Antoinette Hall, Annie Harper, Antoinette Lewis Bush, Oneda Elizabeth Harris, Cheryl Haskins, Chistine Jordan-Bell, Donna Kimbrough, Paula Maranan, Gwen Maxwell-Williams, Johnnie Miller, Wadiyah Nelson-Shimabukuro, Vera Patterson, Lynne K. Varner-Hollie, Brenetta Ward, and Marilyn Wilson-Hanseling. The hardcover is $45. The softcover is $32. I love that the Pacific Northwest African American Quilters guild are documenting and sharing their work with us! Enjoy!



Thanks for sharing this lovely book. Sharing and documenting our stories are as vital as creating our work.
I agree, this is a beautifully composed publication, prefect for any coffee table display--in my opinion--that's a great "two-fer".

John Hopper said...

Thanks for this post. A great looking book, but also as mentioned an important step in documenting the work and people involved with that work. So many generations of makers have passed by anonymously that it is good to see publications like this.

Thanks also for the list of makers which I will google to hopefully see examples of their work.