Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Going Green: Re-Purpose, ReCycle & ReUse

Mark your calendar! The Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild is hosting an exhibit, Going Green: Re-Purpose, ReCycle & ReUse, featuring their quilts and the works of Gees Bend Quilters Tinnie and Minnie Pettway. Visit the Porter Sanford Art Center in Decator, GA from July 22 - 25, 2010. Click here to learn more about the quilt classes you can take. Enjoy!

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I love upcycled! This is a beautiful quilt. Just goes to show you, the perfect quilt is waiting in all of our closets, basements, garages and other places we have store clothes we aren't using.
We can't accommodate the excess of buying and consuming so we throw it away—an average of 68 pounds' worth per person annually.

Let's put aside the question of how not to buy so much in the first place and address the predicament we're already in: 68 pounds of clothing to discard this year.

Forget the garbage. Textiles already comprise four percent of the nation's solid waste stream, and the absolute amount is growing. Landfill space is expensive and hard to find.

Besides, the clothing can be used again in one form or another. Discarding would be a waste, not just the fabric/material itself, but of the water and energy that went into the manufacturing. No minor thing, that. Fresh water is a dwindling resource and energy use contributes to global warming, the biggest environmental problem of our times.

Instead, let's get the full benefit of these resources by using the fabrics to death. And this quilt, my friends, is how to play your part.

CHALLENGE!! for every new fabric quilt you create, make an upcycled one!!