Saturday, July 03, 2010

Quilter Sherry A. Byrd's new Blog

Sistah quilter Sherry A. Byrd has launched a blog featuring stories of her quilts and family. Sherry is "a descendant of the slave Edward "Ned" Titus who was brought to Freestone County (TX) in the year 1852." The Titus Family includes six generations of quilt makers! Visit the blog at Do take a moment to visit and leave a welcoming comment. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kyra. You are so kind and the post is beautiful.That photo always reminds me of the old photos where everyone just stares at you and never smiles.I'm always drawn to the old stuff. Lots or nostalgia!!!

Sherry Ann

Kristi's Book Nook said...

I love the way this quilts must feel. It looks very soft and touchable.