Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Geraldine Zillions - Texas Quilter Overcoming Odds

The Fort Worth, Texas Star Tribune published a story about Geraldine Zillions in its November 23, 2010 issue titled "After Years of Abuse, Mom is Finding a Way to Shine Again." If you can, take a moment to read Sistah Quilter Zillions' story. The early parts are hard to bear, yet 52-year old Ms. Zillions is using her creative energy to make hand-stitched quilts, jewelry, and wearable art to bring joy - and a bit of revenue - to her life now. Blessings!


Rhonda said...

Hi there....just found your blog, love it and became a "FOLLOWER." I'm a quilter from the central Texas area.
Take care.

Karoda said...

I emailed the reporter asking how Ms Zillions art can be purchased but I haven't heard anything yet.

dls said...

Love the wearable art..... but I just love anything with buttons.

Thanks for sharing

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you posting such sad and at the same time inspirational story.
I will love to able to purchase one of her pieces. Can you post more info about how to reach her

Zale Zillions said...

Hi, I'm Geraldine Zillions's son. She'd like to know that you guys are so supportive of her story. She would love if you contact her at her personal number (817)684-8757. Thanks for all of the kind words and this great post!