Monday, May 28, 2007

Della Wells - Folk Artist

Della Wells - have you heard of her? She's a folk artist from Milwaukee who seriously turned to art at the age of 42, and has since created more than 2,000 pieces. She had her first solo museum exhibit, "Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly: Folktales by Della Wells," at the Charles Allis Art Museum. She is also one of the founding organizers for ABEA - African-American Artists Beginning to Educate Americans about African-American Art. I stumbled across this piece of hers online titled, "Mama Sawyer Got Upset" (photo). In her collages, you can hear the rhythms of quilting. Enjoy!


Sonji Hunt said...

How nice to see you present Della Wells. She is a good friend of mine and I got on the horn immediately to tell her that you wrote about her. She is considered one of the premier folk artists in America and she produces an incredible amount of work and is quite sought after. She is a fantastic person! She attended the opening of Textural Rhythms with me and Townsend in Columbus, OH a few months ago.

Kyra said...

Sonji -

Thanks so much for letting Ms. Wells know. I'd love to meet her one day - her work is outstanding!

Best, Kyra