Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AAQLA 2007 Cookbook

Earlier this month the African American Quilters of Los Angeles hosted its annual quilt show. The AAQLA was founded in 1986. Its current president is Louise McGee. I'll post more about the actual show later, right now I wanted to show you the cookbook the guild sold at the show. This 156 page cookbook features desserts, breads, vegetables, salads, appetizers, soups, entrees and meat recipes. What is great about THIS cookbook is the inclusion of a AAQLA fact sheet, an endearing dedication to Helen Brathwaite, one of the guild's founders and cookbook creator, cute quilting sayings, and .... this is the unique part.... COLOR photos of each year's quilt challenge quilt. These Quiltin' Sistahs are on the forefront of documenting their guild's activities for the generations who will come after! Congrats AAQLA!

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Anonymous said...

Kyra, I attended this exhibit. It was very well attended, I thought.
There were more than 100 varied quilts. It seems to get bigger each year.