Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gee's Bend - Ties and Christmas Ornaments

A quilter recently sent me a link to the Milwaukee Art Museum website. There's a number of Gee's Bend quilt-themed gifts available.... How about a Gee's Bend Christmas ornament for $18.50 (assuming one is not a museum member) or a men's tie, based on the quilt designed by Annie Mae Young, for $43.00... or 100% silk scarf for $52, again based on Annie Mae Young's quilt designs.

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Sonji Hunt said...

Yes, my hometown museum (who wouldn't DARE exhibit quilts from the region...art or otherwise) was a primary cheerleader for the quilts when they first "burst" on the scene through the Arnett family tour. I was a bit taken aback when my e-newsletter arrived with these images for us to scoop up at the Black Friday sale at the gift store. I wonder what proceeds Ms. Young gets from this? It is becoming a proverbial question isn't it?