Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google's new What Do You Love? - Try Quilting

Google has soft launched a new search engine called What Do You Love? It's a one-stop place to find image results, videos, books, mapping, alerts, trends in online discussions, and more! Here is a quick screenshot of African American Quilting in the new What Do You Love? search engine. Try it yourself - put in your own name, or your guild's name or Underground Railroad quilts, or Obama Quilts, or ..... What do you think of the new search engine? Enjoy!


librarysherry said...

Love that new search engine, thanks for sharing!

Rosalind Nzinga said...

Hi Kyra;

YES! Thanks much for the link - it's great! I have also added it to my course blog: http://aatraditions.blogspot.com/p/research.html.

Thanks too for stopping by my blog AA Traditions last spring. Please forgive me for not responding to you sooner. Things were pretty hectic during the semester, and in my personal life as well. I really love all your blogs, and will certainly be following you for the class and myself, as I have just begun to quilt as well.

In the fall I will list you as a resource for my students to contact about Harriet Powers. Thanks so much for your generous offer. Please let me know whenever you are in the New Jersey area. Perhaps you could stop in my class.

best regards,
Rosalind Nichol