Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kickstarter - One Quilter's Project Awaits Funding

Have you visited the fundraising website Kickstarter? At the moment, sistah quilter Marion Coleman is trying to raise funds to travel to Lithuania this fall as part of the Kaunas Textile Biennial '11 and to attend the European Textile Network conference. Have a look at her project today and view her video. If you decide to make a donation, you won't be charged unless the total amount she is seeking is pledged by a certain date. Marion's six part narrative quilt series will be on exhibit in Lithuania. Best wishes Marion! Enjoy!


Tee shirt said...

She wants to expose what she does in Lithuania ?
I've looked at his website but I don't understand what she want to do.

Kyra said...

Tee Shirt - thank you for your note. "expose" is used as "exhibit" or show her quilts. The funding is to travel there in person and attend an important textile conference, not just send the quilts alone.