Tuesday, September 12, 2006

$15,000 Quilting Book - Sold Out

In 1995, Brighton Press published Faith Ringgold's limited edition Seven Passages to a Flight. The book, signed by Ringgold, had nine hand-painted and hand stenciled etchings with autobiographical text printed on linen. An edition of 30 sold for $4,800. A deluxe edition of 10, which included a hand stenciled and hand sewn quilt, sold for $15,000.

I was reminded of this book when visiting the newly opened Smithsonian National Portait Gallery in Washington, DC. A Faith Ringgold stenciled quilt is included in the "Americans Now" exhibit - on display until April 29, 2007. You'll find the quilt on the first floor directly across from a stunning portrait of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Oh, the $15,000 books? All sold out! Check it out here!

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