Monday, September 11, 2006

Digital Textile Printing

Art Quilters & Fashion Designers - Need your help!

As a quilter, sometimes I would like to have a few yards of a specific home-made design. Where in the US can one get a short run of a one-of-a-kind design printed on 100% cotton?

Where does the quilting guild which wants to print a commemorative print go?

Online I've located: Digitalis from Wales ... and Digital Textile from Spain. What about the US?

Look forward to your comments!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog while researching digital textile printing for my textiles class. I came across a U.S. based company called Spoonflower. They have not started production yet, as they are just setting up shop, but should be up and running in no time. Have a great day!

Kyra said...

Thank you for leaving a note about Spoonflower. I look forward to learning more about it!

Anonymous said... is open for business.