Tuesday, October 31, 2006

That Black Girl Art Quilts

The 11th Annual "Storytellers in Cloth" retreat is set for this week - November 2 - 5 in Southbury, CT. I've been to one of the retreats before - warm fellowship, lots of creative energy, around 100 quilting sistahs! Kudos to Michelle Lewis and Gloria Douglas for their loving organization of the retreat each year! This year there's three days of workshops, including African masks in cloths by Sandy Bright, Flowers in the Round by Juanita Yeager, How to make designer mudcloth journal by Lisa Shepard Stewart, Continuous Cut Binding by Barbara Brown, and Photo Memory Quilt making by Lauren Austin. Lauren, who has quilted for 30 years, has the website, That Black Girl Art. Her quilts, like the "Stormy Weather" quilt here, are stunning!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the Quilt. Brought to mind powerful images.Reminded me simultaneously of Stormy Nights (by Van Gogh?), the a bright windy day and the horn in a jazz tune.

Love your web site.