Monday, March 19, 2007

Disney's First Black Princess

A lilly pad prize for the first Sistah Quilter to create a quilt featuring the Disney's first African American princess, Maddy. The film is titled The Frog Princess and will be set in 1920s New Orleans and released in 2009.

News reports claim "Maddy will also get her own product line of toys, books, clothing, DVDs, furniture and other merchandise, sold under the Disney Princess brand." But, will she get her own line of FABRIC?

UPDATE: Check out BET's Jennifer Daniel's comments on this Disney movie. She's none to pleased. A white prince?
More Updates 10/2007: Looks like Disney is changing a few of the movie's story lines: no longer will there be a white prince, the title of the movie may now be "The Princess and the Frog." Check out this post from Supreme Being.

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Anonymous said...

Have you found any fabric yet? Ny neice is doing her little girls room in that. I can't find any fabric to make a quilt.

Please help if you can.