Monday, March 19, 2007

Textural Rhythms: Today's Favorite 5 Quilts

I've been mesmerized by Carolyn Mazloomi's newest quilt catalog, Textural Rhythms: Quilting the Jazz Tradition. This 128-page, full-gorgeous colored book is overflowing with quilts that simply sing!

The foreword is by noted quilter Faith Ringgold. Carolyn pens an essay titled Lost, Appropriated, and Recovered: The Threads of African American Quilt History. Columbia University faculty member Farah Jasmine Griffin writes the essay Jazzing American Culture. Sistah Quilter L'Merchie Frazier contributes the poem Jazz Threads. And, finally, Music professor Tammy L. Kernodle contributes the essay, Super Sisters, Mean Mothers, & Big Mamas: A History of Black Women & Jazz.

This book will capture you each time you pick it up! Every day I change UP on my 5 Favorite quilts in the book - TODAY. (And, no, I'm NOT countin' my quilt He Played Me... and Sang in my Ear"!!)
  1. Satchmo by Bisa Butler (2006) ... Doesn't he look like he's about to scat?!
  2. A Sound of Their Own: Background Singers in Jazz by Marion Coleman (2005). What interesting photo transfers. I love that Marion honors background singers in a quilt.
  3. Strange Fruit by Marlene O'Bryant-Seabrook (2003). The subtleties of the two men hanging from the tree is really haunting, especially when matched with the human form font. Look closely, can you see the shadows of Billie Holiday's gardenia?
  4. Diane Reeves by Jim S. Smoote (2005). Is it me just me or can you also hear her sing "Better Days"? Gees, her hands look like they are going to reach off the page to you!
  5. Resurrecting Nina (1933 - 2003) by Sauda A. Zahra. One of two Nina Simone tribute quilts in the book. Sauda, where did you get the Nina Simone buttons?!
My list has changed EVERYDAY since I received the book. Do you have a favorite quilt in the book?!

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Anonymous said...

In the first few paragraphs Carolyn told me why my series The Blues is languishing. It's as though she looks through the ozone into our minds. thelma