Monday, May 05, 2008

Sisters in Cloth at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Sisters in Cloth: A Collection of Works by African American Textile Artists opens at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Colorado May 6. According to the museum's website, this exhibit "span[s] the spectrum of quilt styles, from the traditional to the contemporary, and showcase the varied works in design, inspiration, and meaning for present-day African American textile artists. Each quilt tells a story for its artist and emote messages through its fabric." The display lasts until Aug 2nd. (Quilt in postcard is Carolyn Crump's "Awakening" - Thanks Sew Chick!)

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Anonymous said...

If you have an opertunity run don't walk and see the lovely pieces of art.

Quilts ARE ART. Quilters ARE ARTISTS. They are begining to get the credit they deserve.

As in any art, there are beginners; there are people who are technically skilled; there are people who have "TALENT" and are
proving themselves to be among the GREAT MASTERS.

Anyone can do anything one step at a time! Some have TALENT