Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leora Raikin's new book - Safari Through African Folklore Embroidery

Leora Raikin's new book, Safari Through African Folklore Embroidery, is now available. Raikin is a South African native, now Los Angeles resident. She learned this embroidery technique from her mother. The chapters in Raikin's book include:
  • Getting Started - learn how by stitching giraffes
  • Embellishment Techniques - beading, criss-cross stitch, and more
  • African Threads
  • African Tribal Traditions and Customs - Ndebele Tribe, African masks and more!
You'll see examples for embroidering South African animals, flora and fauna and marine life. This book retails for $35 and is available on www.aflembroidery.com. Enjoy!

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Oxy said...

I got this book hoping for one or two of Ms. Raikin's patterns that I could use. Unfortunately, this is not that at all - in fact, it is nothing but a shill for her embroidery products. One passage even tells the reader to "take your fabric out of the kit. . .," presuming you have one already.