Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have you read "The Shack"?

This post fits into the "fanciful things" category. Have you read "The Shack"? It's a novel about a father's transformation after his youngest daughter is involved in tragedy. God invites the father to a shack one weekend. Now, I'm not going to spoil it for you ... and if you leave comments, don't you spoil it for others either! Let's just say - if you haven't read it, treat yourself - there's one or two SURPRISING turns that my sistah quilters will ... ENJOY! P.S. The Shack has over 2,000 review comments on Amazon.com!


Big Mama said...

Thank you for recommending the book to me several months ago.

First of all, I was impressed that there was such a humungous number of reader comments on amazon.com!!

I bought the book, read it and it is one of THE most fascinating books I have even read!! No, I will not spoil it for others. What
I will say is, if you reading thisd and you are a church goer, you will be thoroughly emeshed in this novel. It is now easily one of my top 10 favorite books I have read in life!!

Patricia Shirra said...

Hi Kyra, I finally started reading "The Shack" -- I've just finished the chapter titled "The Great Sadness." It is a compelling book so far and I can't wait to see if one of the surprising turns is what I'm hopeful for.


Kyra said...

Patricia - Thanks for stopping by! Hope you will return once you've read the book. Best, Kyra