Monday, December 15, 2008

Rand McNally Fabric Inauguration Map $9.95

Famous map-maker Rand McNally is offering a Barack Obama Inauguration Souvenir fabric map. The fabric map is $9.95, but the site seems to have a 20% off sale until Dec. 15. Includes certificate of authenticity. Rand McNally claims the map is in limited edition - don't believe the hype on that one! Will Rand McNally share what the edition size is for this fabric map? There is no information on the size of the piece, either. May make an interesting quilt block. Enjoy!


Christine Thresh said...

I went to the site and the dimensions given were 11.8" x 7.8".
I might order one and cut out Obama's face. I have some presidential fabric in brown which has all the presidents from Washington through George W. Bush. If this fabric map isn't too stiff maybe I can frame Obama with the other presidents.
Thanks for the heads up.

Kyra said...

Christine, Glad to be of assistance. I did order one for myself. Best, Kyra