Monday, November 16, 2009

Mother Willie Mae Brown and her 45 year old pieced quilt in Denver

I wish I could meet Mother Brown in person! The African American Quilters Guild of Denver, CO, founded in 1988, has posted eight videos from a show earlier this year. Take a moment to see the 2 minute videos featuring quilters Winnie Anderson, Dr. Adrienne Bryant, Rosie Smith who made quilts for her 10 grandkids, Erma Weekly,a retired electrician who shares her Flying Geese quilt, Mrs. Geneva Chapman who shares the story of her flower basket appliqued quilt, and Darla Sipp-Wells who gives us a peek at her finished pink and green marriage quilt. Many thanks to the Guild for sharing the show to all of us to see! Enjoy!


Karoda said...

I so enjoyed watching and listening! thanks!

Kyra said...

Karoda - Thanks for visiting Black Threads. Yes, I really enjoyed the videos and am glad there is the documentation! Best, Kyra