Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New! Pieced Symbols: Quilt Blocks from the Global Village

Congratulations to Sistah Quilter Dr. Myrah Brown Green on the publication of her new quilt book Pieced Symbols: Quilt Blocks from the Global Village!

Published by Lark Books, this 144-page pattern book is, according to the release "[p]art global quilting travelogue, part cultural history, this artful, useful guide gives quilters all they need to create a variety of foundation piece quilt blocks featuring symbols from across the world. The designs range from the Asian om and Australian rainbow spirit to the American Indian turtle and African ankh. Each chapter features inspiring examples of how to incorporate the symbols into finished quilts, while tip boxes throughout share interesting information about their meanings and cross-cultural uses." What I love is that the blocks are made by a variety of quilters - some you're sure to know!

Myrah will be speaking on Friday in NY City - sponsored by the Harlem Needle Arts and HueMan Bookstore. Open to the public - click here for more info. Enjoy!


Sonji Hunt said...

From my own reading experience, this is a great book to add to your collection. So proud of Myrah. A great accomplishment.

And of course, your own book on Harriet Powers is the bomb! I read it in one sitting and then read it again the next day. Among other things it is a lesson in the importance of documentation for us all. No praise high enough for you my f.w.c.

weemsrj said...

I'll be sure to get this book. Pouring over quilting books is becoming as much fun as pouring over shelter magazines.